Toyota Corolla 2022 review: Specifications, features, disadvantages and prices

cars – come Toyota The Corolla 2022 is ranked fifth among the best compact cars according to US News for the year 2022, thanks to its excellent level of fuel efficiency with a comfortable driving experience and easy-to-use features in addition to many safety systems, and today we will learn about it during its review.

the design

In terms of exterior design, it comes to us Toyota Corolla 2022 with dual LED headlights surrounding the famous Toyota logo, with a huge distinctive lower hexagonal grille in a glossy black color, and on both sides of it fog lights with several shiny chrome accents.

On the sides there are 15-inch steel wheels, 16- or 17-inch aluminum wheels with a bright chrome frame above the windows and LED taillights connected to a slim chrome strip for added elegance and distinction, while there is a very simple spoiler integrated into the boot lid for some sportiness.

Interior and Technologies

Toyota Corolla 2021

Later we move to the Toyota Corolla 2022 cabin to find comfortable and spacious seats for all passengers with automatic front air conditioning and a 7-inch instrument screen for the infotainment system with a 7-inch digital screen integrated into the instrument cluster, along with a 6-speaker audio system that supports hand gestures, a rear camera and entry system Smart start button with engine stop.

Optionally, there are several optional features such as a wireless charger for smartphones, an electric sunroof and rear air conditioning vents to provide an enjoyable riding experience for all passengers.


Toyota Corolla 2021

In terms of safety, as usual, the Toyota Corolla 2022 received the highest 5-star rating in crash tests from the American NHTSA, and it comes with front and side airbags for the driver and passenger, with anti-lock brakes and anti-lock brakes, in addition to electronic brake force distribution and stability control, with stabilizer Adaptive speed and hill climb assist.


Despite all these advantages, there are several disadvantages, including the weakness of the main Corolla engine to a noticeable degree, as it does not generate enough power to provide an enjoyable driving experience in any way, especially since the Corolla is also less precise in steering and maneuverability than many competitors, but these disadvantages are familiar with many From other small family cars, but the most important thing is that its trunk is rather small compared to many competitors.

Engines and performance

Toyota Corolla 2022 is available with two engine options in Saudi Arabia as follows:

  • 3-cylinder, 1.5-liter capacity, generating 119 horsepower and 148 Nm torque, connected to a virtual 10-speed CVT transmission, with an average fuel consumption of 19 km/l
  • A 4-cylinder 1.8-liter hybrid generates 121 hp and 142 Nm of torque, connected to a CVT transmission with a fuel efficiency of 27 km/l.

the prices

The Toyota Corolla 2022 in Saudi Arabia comes with a starting price of 75,555 riyals after tax, while the global price starts from 20,075 dollars.

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