Lexus RC 2022 review: Specifications, features, disadvantages and prices

cars – longer Lexus The RC 2022 is one of the best small luxury coupe cars, which comes with an impressive sporty personality with many standard features and a level of reliability that surpasses the majority of competitors, even if it suffers from several defects besides its features, and today we will introduce you to it during its review.

the design

Depends Lexus RC 2022 on the design language of the luxury Japanese manufacturer, which has become very iconic in its prestige and eye-catching, which begins with the large spindle ventilation grille with the company’s logo in the middle of a large size, and a prominent front bumper with sharp lines that enhances the car’s offensive, as the lines flow from it to the top around the split headlights The two halves express the Lexus logo with LED lights, and are equipped with three advanced LED units in the headlight.

The hood comes in a large size with prominent lines, from which the lines flow on the sides, where the bulging wheel arches bearing the 19-inch sports alloy wheels, the side mirrors flowing outward design with an attractive sporty touch, and of course the long doors that allow comfortable entry to the cabin and an attractive appearance, as well as The streamlined roof line underlines the design’s dynamic efficacy.

Lexus RC 2022

From the rear window edge of the Lexus RC 2022, the design lines converge to the rear fascia, which contains many exquisite details, starting with the rear loading door with a prominent edge to enhance the stability of the RC F, and the LED taillights that follow the Lexus logo, as well as the rear bumper. Sporty with quad exhaust manifolds and a small diffuser in between in the high-performance RC F version.

Cabin and Technologies

Moving to the cabin of the 2022 Lexus RC, we find that it offers a comfortable and spacious front row of seats with excellent back support, heating and cooling, albeit with limited head space, but the rear row of seats suffers from limited space for adults, in addition to that, luxurious materials are spread throughout the cabin with upscale leather upholstery .

Lexus RC

In terms of technologies, we find a 7-inch central screen with a separate touch panel similar to laptops, which makes it difficult to use while driving, but the support of Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and Amazon Alexa reduces this problem, especially with a good 10-inch audio system, A larger 10.3-inch split center screen with navigation and voice command support and a plush Mark Levinson audio system can be had.


In terms of safety, the Lexus RC 2022 received the highest rating in the American IIHS crash tests, in addition to an excellent evaluation from the American Institute of IIHS, and it comes with many safety systems and advanced technologies that include forward collision alert, automatic emergency brake, pedestrian detection, Adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist, rear cross-traffic monitoring and parking assist with front and rear parking sensors and a rear view camera.

performance and consumption

The Lexus RC comes with three engine options depending on the class as follows:

  • 4 cylinder 2-liter turbo with 241 horsepower
  • 3.5-liter V6 with 311 horsepower
  • 5-liter V8 with 470 horsepower

Both are connected to an 8-speed automatic transmission with either rear or all-wheel drive


On the side of the disadvantages, the Lexus RC suffers mainly in its lower classes from providing performance and a less enthusiastic driving experience than competitors, and at the same time it comes with higher fuel consumption than the average in this segment, in addition to the fact that it suffers from back seats with narrow space, although this defect Prevalent among most sports coupes cars.

the prices

The prices of the Lexus RC 2022 in Saudi Arabia start from 257,140 riyals for the lowest category, while its global price starts from 42,220 dollars.

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