BMW X7 2022 review: Specifications, features, defects and prices

Cars – The BMW X7 is definitely one of the best full-fledged luxury SUVs, and it’s already ranked fifth in US News’ Best Cars in Class Rating, due to its luxurious cabin, powerful engines, and comfortable ride, and today we’ll get to know it in its review.

the design

In terms of exterior design, the BMW X7 has a huge body that matches its position as a full-fledged luxury SUV, as it becomes the largest BMW ever, as the German manufacturer confirms this by providing it with the iconic kidney grille known but much larger than usual Among the slim, retractable LED lights in addition to the wide air intakes in the front bumper with giant 22-inch wheels add to the prestige.

BMW X7 2020

While the BMW X7 rear fascia is inspired by the pioneering 7 Series sedan, to appear belonging to the BMW family in a streamlined, harmonious way.

Cabin and Technologies

BMW X7 2020

Inside the BMW X7 cabin, we find an interior worthy of a leading SUV from the German manufacturer, as it combines sophistication, luxury and luxury through high-quality materials throughout and a lot of customization options with real wooden decorations and several metallic touches, there is even an option for a leather-clad dashboard, With the advent of seven seats divided into three rows.

First- and second-row seats offer the most comfortable and spacious seating with massage, heating, cooling and multi-way positioning options for the first-row seats, but the third-row seats are narrower than most competitors and difficult to access.

But in terms of technologies, we find the iDrive infotainment system present through a wonderful 12.3-inch center screen that is easy to use and highly responsive with several buttons and knobs to access some commands briefly while driving without distraction, and there is a 12.3-inch digital instrument screen, with the option to have several technologies Other advanced features such as controlling the entertainment system through gestures, with support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and voice commands, in addition to a sophisticated audio system that includes 10 speakers, two USB ports and Bluetooth with an option for a high-end audio system from Harman Kardon that includes 16 Amplifier, 5-zone air conditioning, heated and cooled cup holders, and giant panoramic roof.


Although the BMW X7 does not get any safety tests as usual with expensive luxury cars, it is certainly very safe, as it comes with a large amount of modern safety and security technologies that include forward collision alert with automatic emergency braking, blind spot monitoring with monitoring Rear Cross Traffic Alert, Lane Departure Warning, Lane Keeping Assist with Side Collision Avoidance and Automatic Lane Change, with Emergency Stop Assist with Front Accident Avoidance System with Pedestrians or Other Vehicles, as well as an option to have a night vision system via thermal imaging to monitor pedestrians.

performance and consumption

In terms of performance and consumption, the BMW X7 comes with 2 options of engine types as follows:

  • A 6-cylinder, 3-liter turbo, with 335 horsepower, with an average consumption of 9 km/l
  • V8 biturbo 523 hp average consumption 7.6 km/l

All engines come with a standard 8-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive.


As for the disadvantages, it starts with the arrival of the BMW X7 at very high prices, especially in the case of adding several options or heading to higher categories, and despite that it provides limited luggage space in addition to a narrow third row of seats, some drivers also found that the steering system is lighter than it should Finally, since there are many options related to the infotainment system, some owners may feel confused, especially since many of the optional features do not provide a better user experience.

the prices

BMW X7 prices in Saudi Arabia start from 473,000 Saudi riyals, while the global price starts from 74,900 dollars.

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