Land Rover Range Rover Sport 2022 review: Specs, features, defects and prices

Cars – Land Rover Range Rover Sport 2022 offers an outstanding combination of powerful engines and impressive off-road capabilities in addition to a luxurious cabin full of comfort features and advanced technologies, but it also suffers from several drawbacks, so today we will introduce you to it during our review of this luxury mid-size SUV.

the design

The SUV Land Rover Range Rover Sport 2022 mid-luxury offers a modern, elegant and sporty design that fits its name. Its front fascia adopts the currently iconic Land Rover design language based on a slim black four-wheel center grille. Above is the word Range Rover in spaced English letters with small circular Land Rover hair on the mini grille. It is standard, while it is surrounded by LED headlights with symmetrical side and center lower ventilation outlets, as well as a raised bonnet with prominent lines. Land Rover Range Rover Sport

As for the sides, we see a glossy black roof connected to the body pillars that bear the same color to give a feeling that the roof is floating with an attractive glossy black appearance. At the rear, we find a prominent diffuser and wide LED taillights connected to a black stripe below the dashboard.

Cabin and Technologies

Land Rover Range Rover Sport 2022

Land Rover Range Rover Sport has a modern luxury cabin that combines simplicity and beauty with high-quality materials throughout with 5 or 7 seats depending on the category, although the third row seats are narrow and uncomfortable, but the seats in the first and second rows provide a spacious and very comfortable seating area with excellent support Back and luxurious leather upholstery.

On the technical side, we find the distinguished Touch Pro Duo entertainment system, which includes two 10-inch touch screens with easy-to-use menus and button arrangement in the interface, although performing some simple things requires several tedious steps, and the screen response speed to touch is sometimes relatively slow .

In addition, there is a standard audio system with 8 speakers, support for Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and wireless charging, with an option for a Meridian premium audio system with 13, 19 or 23 speakers, in addition to a dual, triple or four-zone air conditioner. .


In terms of safety, the Land Rover Range Rover Sport 2022 did not get any safety tests, as is usual with many expensive luxury cars, but it comes with a long list of safety systems that include Lane Keeping Assist, Forward Collision Warning, Automatic Emergency Braking, and Vision Camera. Rear, Head-up Display, Adaptive Cruise Control, Blind Spot Monitoring and Traffic Sign Recognition.

performance and consumption

In terms of engines, the Land Rover Range Rover Sport 2022 comes with 4 options as follows:

  • Turbo V6 engine with 355 or 395 hp with average fuel consumption of 9.1 km/l
  • A supercharged V8 engine with 518 or 575 hp, with an average fuel consumption of 8.3 km/l for the first version and 7.4 km/l for the second version.

Both come with an 8-speed automatic transmission


Land Rover Range Rover Sport 2022 suffers from several drawbacks, such as its arrival with an infotainment system that suffers from some slowness and poor response, in addition to a third row of seats that is narrow and uncomfortable for most people to sit in, and the cost of the purchase itself is very high, even more than several competitors, and at the time At the same time, we will find that the level of reliability is lower than the average in this category, with high maintenance and fuel costs, especially for the higher categories.

the prices

Land Rover Range Rover Sport 2022 prices start from 373,000 riyals in Saudi Arabia after tax, while the global price starts from 69,500 dollars.

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