2021 Mercedes GLB Review: Specs, Features, Disadvantages and Prices

Cars – The luxury compact crossover Mercedes GLB 2021 offers us a spacious cabin of high levels of luxury with a dynamic driving experience and a long list of standard features and technologies with the ability to provide a comfortable riding experience even on partially off-road, and today we will introduce you to it during its review.

the design

The Mercedes GLB comes with a general design that follows the design language of the larger Mercedes cars, which we see in the front end with a prominent wide grille consisting of several shiny chrome dots that imitate the night sky with the Mercedes logo three-star in the middle, which is connected by a wide line towards the right and left as if referring to Distinctive LED headlights, along with standard roof pillars for loading cargo, with wide body shoulders, several body strength reinforcements and bonnet stripes.

Mercedes GLB

As for the sides, we see a clean design without any prominent lines with a clear flow, with a chrome bottom line and a chrome frame around the windows for more distinction. The most classic.

Cabin and Technologies

Mercedes GLB

The Mercedes GLB comes with one of the largest luggage capacities in its class with a large and wide luggage door that facilitates the placement of various items from the rear, though in the case of a 3-row option with 7 seats instead of the standard 5, you will seriously sacrifice luggage space as the seats will become The latter is mainly suitable for children only, but in the case of five seats, you will find that the experience of sitting in the front or back is very comfortable and spacious thanks to the strongly back-supported seats that provide good head space as well for tall passengers.

In addition, the large windshield and tall side windows provide excellent outward visibility with a good rear view. The cabin is available with a standard synthetic leather trim with the possibility of changing the position of the front seats with multi-way heating and cooling with heated steering wheel as well, and high-quality materials are spread throughout the cabin Metallic ornaments and soft-touch plastic.

The family crossover is based on the iconic Mercedes MBUX entertainment system, which comes as standard with a 7-inch screen and optionally with a 10-inch screen. via voice commands.


Mercedes GLB

The crossover Mercedes GLB has achieved a full 5-star rating in the Euro NCAP safety tests, and it comes with several technologies and features, the most important of which are a rear view camera, blind spot monitoring, rear traffic alert, forward collision alert, automatic emergency braking and monitoring. The driver’s level of attention to the road.

performance and consumption

The Mercedes GLB is available with a 4 cylinder turbo engine with 221 hp connected to an 8-speed automatic transmission in the standard class with front wheel drive, while it comes with a high-performance AMG version with the same engine, but with a higher power of 302 hp with all-wheel drive and higher performance to provide acceleration 0-100 km / Q in 5.1 seconds instead of 7 seconds in the standard version, while the average fuel consumption is 11.4 km / liter for the first category and 9.9 km / liter for the second category.


The Mercedes GLB does not suffer from many defects, as the 3 most important problems it faces are first of all the voice command system connected to the infotainment system because it sometimes executes commands wrongly and may think that the driver gave him an order while he is talking to a passenger, in addition to this the GLB suffers from a level of Low reliability with high prices at the same time, especially in the case of choosing the higher categories.

the prices

The 2021 Mercedes GLB is available in Saudi Arabia at a starting price of 152,000 Saudi riyals, while its global price starts from 38,000 dollars.

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