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Reviews of Anime Master: The fourth and final season of Attack on Titan (first half) – Anime Master Network

As the end approaches little by little, and with the presentation of episode 16 of the fourth season of Attack on Titan, we are at a distance second half Only for the anime, waiting to be shown during the next winter season after Announcing the second half of the fourth season of the anime from it officially!

Thus, the end page is folded One of the most important anime of the last ten years Perhaps one of the most important anime ever.

But how was the level of anime episodes this season? Did you live up to expectations for an anime the size of Attack on Titan? Was it disappointing? Let’s discuss here in Anime Master About this in the lines of this review For the first part of the fourth and final season Attack on titan anime.

**This review is ‘free’ of spoilers – Spoilers Free **

the story:

And if the fourth season completes the events, it does not start from where the third season ended directly, a few years have passed after discovering many of the secrets of this world, and on “IreneThe rest is trying to think of how to confront the real danger that has been unknown for decades.
And if we are going to try to talk about the story of the fourth season without burning, we will have to say that perhaps the best season in the series, which is very special as it is the last season, while many of the works decline in the level of the story and events in it by the end, but what was presented at the level of the story and the development of events and the disclosure of more information, secrets and new characters, made it This season in its first half is The richest of all seasons of attack on titanAnd the reason is not only because many secrets are revealed, but also in the way it was presented and the consequences that resulted from it, as well as the treatment of the characters of the story with that new reality.

Utilization “Hajime Isayama” The writer of the story of many real world projections, politics and history amplified the power of these events in a way that makes you feel like you are in front of a documentary of our black human history.

Even in the absence of fights and giants in many episodes of the season, but the story and its events were enough to compensate for this absence and provide a heavy dose that we rarely see in any other anime.


Even if the level of the story in terms of writing and presentation is more than excellent, there will be no real value to it if there are not a group of characters on the same level. In fact, this has already been achieved. In addition to the characters that have evolved significantly During this season and in particularIrene“The owner of the greatest development and change, perhaps, is not only at the level of the attack on the giants, but at the level of the main characters of any anime in general. Also characters like Hangi Andarmenian AndJan AndcosmicAnd one of the stars of this season, without a doubt Rainer, but even the new characters that were introduced, it is difficult to point to a character who did not add anything new to the events, but rather that some of them had an impact that exceeded the influence of characters who continued with us from the first season.

The greatest witness to this distinction is the lack of appearance Irene The hero of the story in many scenes, while the events continued on the same strength and escalation for the brilliance of all the other characters.

drawing and animation

Talking about drawing and animation for the fourth season From the anime Attack on Titan has been a hot topic for the past weeks, and the reason is of course known after taking over a studio MAPPA Take control after studio retreat Wit Who has taken over the task of drawing and animation for the past three seasons. Controversial dialogues about the level of the fourth season in animation and drawing were killed in search, especially the “Maba” studio’s resort to CG techniques, which angered many. So in short, it can be said that the aspect of drawing and animation during the fourth season of Attack on Titan It was a mixture of good and mediocreIt is not possible to say that the level has reached a very good or excellent stage except in rare cases, but we did not reach the level of modest or bad either. In addition to the wonderful directing vision In many episodes, especially the dramatic ones, and the execution of these simple verbal clips in a distinctive way made us turn a blind eye to the regression of the drawing at times, which is undoubtedly credit to the animation team.


It was a combination of .’s previous work Hiroki Sawano The composer responsible for providing the music for the past three seasons, as well as new additions by the composer.”Kota Yamamato“During the fourth season, which formed the ideal model, between the music of the fights and the enthusiastic moments and between the sad dramatic melodies. It can’t be said that there was a moment when the soundtrack wasn’t right for her, even The beginning and the end badges, at first glance after hearing them, you will feel strange and different from what was presented in previous seasons, but as you hear them repeatedly and understand their meanings, you will realize that you may be in front of the most appropriate, strongest and most expressive starting badge in the history of the series.

Final opinion

If you say that Season 4 in its first half is the best season of Attack on TitanI am confident that I will find many supporters of my words, as the rich content presented at the level of the story, characters and events is unprecedented at the level of the series, And in just 16 episodes Attack on Titan has moved from a bloody, brutal and mysterious anime to something much bigger. We are in front of a work that has one step left to complete all the conditions required to be among the classic works that will be mentioned for years and decades to come.

During this review, we tried to avoid burning As much as possible to allow anyone to properly enter the world of Attack on Titan and it is truly an anime worth watching today before tomorrow.