Xio Review Movies review Penguins – Review – Movie – 2019

Penguins – Review – Movie – 2019

Penguins: An Adelie penguin named Steve joins millions of fellow males in the Antarctic Ice Spring in an effort to build a suitable nest, find a mate and start a family. None of this is easy for him, especially since he is targeted by everything, from killer whales to tiger seals, who threaten him without any embarrassment.

For about a decade now, Disneynature has sought to educate the public about problems related to our planet’s environment. In the great tradition of classic Disney fieldwork, this particular brand has become a gateway for younger children to access this special kind of film production, and the studio’s latest Penguins movie represents this mission in every iota of its existence.

With narration and stand-up comedy

Presented by actor Ed Helms, “Penguins” follows Steve the Adelie penguin who is on his way to an Antarctic mating ground for the first time. After his triumphs, struggles, and the penguins’ miracle of starting a family, Steve’s story is one we’ve seen before under different incarnations. However, it’s good that this time there’s hilarious laughter and some ’80s songs to lighten the mood.

That’s part of what makes “Penguins” a good movie to take your kids into, because while this is a fairly familiar topic – because penguins are common creatures – it’s a window into the topic even without too much trouble. Seen in other nature documentaries. There are actually only two cases of penguins in mortal danger, and in the only scenario that sees a young penguin who is naturally defeated, we only see that he has veered off camera. So if you want to introduce your kids to nature documentaries, this could be a good way to get them started.

More serious mature viewers

With that in mind

More serious/mature viewers who want a documentary style BBC special will have to keep in mind that Penguins are indeed intended for a younger audience. Helms’ narration is consistent throughout the film, but spans long periods in which he voices Steve’s voice and the rest of his family unit. It’s a funny comic, and it’s nice to listen to, especially if you’re a fan of Ed Helms’ previous work. But you won’t get a stern story about survival experiences, warts and the like, for this movie.

It’s worth repeating that in terms of lively and rewarding entertainment, Penguins are indeed a good bet for this weekend. Although simple in its educational value, it is a very cool movie to look at. Even if you’re a fan of Penguins documentaries and have seen it all before, there are still visible wonders to be seen in the work that directors Alistair Fothergill and Jeff Wilson have brought to this film. As vets of both the Disneynature and BBC documentaries in between their collective resumes, you can see their work experience in every frame on display.

The main factor likely to determine ticket purchase is whether or not you have small spectators along the flight. If you’re afraid of having to explain/protect your kids from the cooler side of nature, this isn’t a concern with Penguins. You and your kids can enjoy some pretty nature photos, and laugh at Whitesnake’s use of “Here I Go Again” without expecting any annoying photos.

Penguins is undoubtedly soft work

Like penguin feathers, so the entertainment value to you and your family may vary with this movie. This should not weaken fans of these flightless birds, as they are as attractive in this photo as ever. Just wait with the expectation that the march of the penguins will continue to appear, if you’re feeling hungry for more.

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