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Little – Review – Movie – 2019

Little: A woman gets a chance to revive her youngest son, at a point in her life when the pressures of puberty become too much to bear.

Just because a little is small, it does not mean

It should be rejected. Yes, I’ve seen the film, as critic Nathan Rabin called it, a “metaphysical winner” who magically transforms a character until they are forced to re-evaluate their entire lives in order to deal with their outsized circumstances and grow as a person. But while Tina Gordon’s movie is a little predictable and a little familiar, that doesn’t mean it isn’t fun. Little has a nice message about how bullies become self-intimidating, and how these defense mechanisms mean we don’t get the joy of being ourselves. It’s a movie with a lot of sympathy and a lot of magic that works largely thanks to the leading actresses. You might be able to draw “Little” beats before you step onto the stage, but you’ll enjoy seeing them in action thanks to their solid jokes and powerful performances.

As a teenager (Marsay Martin), Jordan Sanders was bullied by her classmates, and determined to become president as an adult so that no one could ever bother her again. Now that she’s an adult (Regina Hall), Gordon is a bully and treats the employees at her tech company JSI terrible. No one abuses Gordon worse than her assistant, April Williams (Issa Ray), but Gordon’s life is turned upside down when a young girl wears a bully to make her “small.” Gordon wakes up the next morning in her teenage body and must rely entirely on April to run the company while Gordon has to transfer to middle school again.

Hole turned on the screen for twenty

The first minute is so much that you’re almost disgusted by the fact that it’s gone for most of the movie. She plays Gordon with such ferocity and pain, without becoming hideous or disgusting. This is a ridiculously comical beast, not meant to win our sympathy, but to give Gordon a place where you can become a better person. Then the outline of Hall’s performance gives way to Martin – who also had the idea of ​​”Little” after a big vision – as a witch as a woman who is angry not only with the body of a 13-year-old, but lives with how much she hates being a 13-year-old. Not that Martin is acting “beyond years,” but he does a great job of conveying Gordon’s anger and distance.

Tying it all together is “Rae,” who makes the most of every moment on screen to the point where I’ve been actively watching myself not to binge on the HBO series Insecure. Rae finds unique angles on the jokes and reactions that make the character more than just a comic or background to Gordon’s story. This is truly a friendship between Gordon and April and she buys both of them despite their impossible circumstances.

When the struggles are “Little”

Trying to find a way to break free from unpredictability until you decide to settle in Gordon to become a better person and convey the message that if you are bullied and grow up to be a bully, he still has power over you. It’s a nice little “bromide” about being true to yourself, and if that applies to the target audience of young women who go out to see Little, I have no problem with that. But with such a premise, you can already begin to feel that Little is beginning to fall apart under his execution. There’s no reason why this movie should last about two hours, and if the pace was a little faster, it would help reconcile the tone with upbeat comedy.

If you’re a guy in your thirties like me, you’re not the target audience for Little (all good, as a lot of movies are made for guys in their thirties). But I was still convinced of the purpose of the film, even if it was predictable and lengthy. It’s hard to fall hard on a movie that’s at the heart of the right place and also provides a showcase for Martin, Ray, and Hall. It probably won’t be as classic as Big, but Little still manages to inspire and have fun at the cinema for a younger audience.

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